VoIP Technology Goes Mainstream, Conventional Phones Fear Tough Competition

VoIP service providers are not mere competitors to classic phone services. More importantly, it is an improved technology, which offers substitute to conventional phone. Initially it was not considered a mainstream success, but as the awareness grew, everyone is looking towards VoIP as potential leader in communication technologies. VoIP makes use of broadband internet for routing conversation among parties. It is not only cheaper compared to local phone services but also very efficient. Inexpensive calls are the main reason due to which millions have already adopted this technology in a very short time. Before the awareness of broadband internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as Internet Phone or Broadband Phone) was introduced with Dial-up internet connection. Internet Phone can work with dial-up connection but the clarity and smoothness of call would not be as good as it is with DSL or Cable internet connection. With the passage of time, the development in internet speed and innovation in VoIP technology have gained attention of masses. Many individuals and businesses are permanently switching from old phone service to VoIP due to it being a perfect substitute of traditional phone.

What is special about Voice over Internet Protocol that has gained the attention of masses? Let us see. People attached with traditional phone service for so long immediately criticized this new technology, as they had relied for years upon their old service. People felt it risky to switch to an unknown service. The doubts with such people were right. No one would trust a service, which is new to market. Why would anyone risk their business? Then the question is how would they know about this service unless they experience it? Apart from all these doubts, Internet Phone also did not perform well in its beginning. Primarily, the dropping of calls during conversation, broken voice and echoing of speech was very common, which further cautioned people. But thanks to technological advancement which quickly corrected all the flaws in it. Now VoIP is vastly improved and ready to compete with traditional phone in every aspect. Presently things are not as they used to be, fancy marketing of intellectuals and fast transformations of this service have convinced many to use this service. Such efforts then made people to realize the reliability and quality of this service. VoIP service providers also offer free trials to interested people, who further generate business for them.

Although price is the main reason for its rapid growth but there are other factors also.

  • People can call unlimited on net local and long distance calls. Whereas the calls on other networks is also at very considerable low price.
  • You can carry your number anywhere, without incurring roaming charges or so.
  • All the voice mails can be mailed to you, making it possible to access them from anywhere.
  • There is no concept of per minute charges, rather generally a flat monthly rate is charged. So call as much as you want!
  • Calls can be diverted to your mobile device and landline simultaneously.

Most of all, VoIP is free of government taxes which further decreases your expenses. Have a look at your traditional phone service bill, a big amount will be charged under the heading of taxes whereas there is not any such thing in VoIP service. So go ahead and make big savings with VoIP.



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