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Millions of People Converting to VoIP Phone – Why?

The invention of traditional telephone brought tidal waves of improvement in communication means. The evolution of this technology has led to tremendous progress. Now, the features of a regular phone are integrated with the Internet service and the resultant is VoIP phone. You may not have heard the term VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), but […]

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A VoIP Phone Service Helps You Save Money

The technology of VoIP phone has dramatically changed the entire telecommunication scenario. The computer and internet have surely played a great role in this revolution. This has also changed the way we live and our lifestyles have surely been enhanced with the help of such technological advancements. The most important change that has been brought […]

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Reasons Why You Should Switch to a VoIP Phone

There are certain facts that all of you out there who have heard of the term VoIP before, but are not sure what this facility offers and whether it would be useful for you or not must know about.  VoIP: What is it? The concept of an IP telephone is not a feature that is […]

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Internet Phone – Steps for Successful Installation

Innovations in telecommunications have brought us VoIP service. Through Voice over Internet Protocol, the audio/video communication can be conveniently done through IP networks. It implies that you can call any phone through your VoIP-enabled phone and/or computer. Replacing your typical phone lines with Internet Phone service is certainly commendable. This does not only ease the […]

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Security Measures While Using VoIP

Due to the growing popularity of VoIP, the security surrounding the system is also becoming a great concern for the companies thinking about switching over to VoIP system. VoIP service is Internet based due to which it vulnerable to any attacks on security is associated with this method of communication. Hackers may infiltrate the system, […]

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Increasing Demand of VoIP in Canada

When we say VoIP is on the rise, we literally mean that! Voice over internet protocol or VoIP phone services offer an amazing telephony service, which functions by transmitting voice data and other information via high-speed broadband internet, instead of following the traditional phone services’ cable transmission system. Presently, VoIP is seen as the best […]

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Factors That Affect Voice Quality in VoIP Calls

VoIP has been in existence since the 80’s but never really got the place it deserved until in the current times. Previously, VoIP’s quality and reliability were questioned for and these two areas failed to prove VoIP as the best communication tool than the traditional phone services. However, today, VoIP has crossed those barriers and […]

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Are Your Voip Calls Encrypted?

It is the new age – the age of digital devices – the age of digital voip phones or broadband phones, which function using the broadband internet as indicated by the name. With internet telephony, you can connect with anyone, anywhere no matter how far off personals you want to converse with. It’s a small […]

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So What Is It About VoIP That’s Different From a Regular PSTN Phone Service?

People often question:  what makes Voip different from a PSTN phone? Is it the look or feel, or is it just a thing about keeping up with the technology? In reality, it is more than just keeping up with the latest technologies that arrive everyday. Though, it won’t be wrong if said that both PSTN […]

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The Over-powering Features of VoIP Phones

Voip phones are rapidly taking over the world of communication, defeating its precursor – the traditional POTS phone. Internet phones have become popular among people owing to its affordability and extraordinary quality of service. Once people only knew of Skype as an economical or zero-costing phoning service to call family, friends and stay connected with business […]

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