Millions of People Converting to VoIP Phone – Why?

The invention of traditional telephone brought tidal waves of improvement in communication means. The evolution of this technology has led to tremendous progress. Now, the features of a regular phone are integrated with the Internet service and the resultant is VoIP phone.

You may not have heard the term VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), but it is a fair possibility that you would have come across the “digital or internet phone”. Alternatively, VoIP phone is also referred to as Internet Telephony. The analog voice signals are converted to digital bits for transmission, over to the receiving end through an innovative technology. Then again, the digital data is converted back to analog signals for the receiver to understand the sounds/voice.

The statistics show that the prior introduction of VoIP, nearly a decade ago, did not create any vibe in masses. The reason was the unavailability of hi-speed internet service that is essential for quality VoIP service. So, the improved Internet Phone technology along with the Broadband services has led to a stupendous success. Millions are converting to VoIP phones as their residential and business means of communication. The figure of total users has increased more than 1000% from 2005 to 2009.

Wondering why people would replace the conventional phone lines so rapidly.

The VoIP phone offers all the services of your landline along with additional and enhanced features. There is no mess of million-mile long cable networks to be set up or intricate infrastructure to be laid. With fair amount of resources, the service provider can start VoIP business. As a residential user, you are able to choose from customized monthly or annual service plans of the Internet Phone service.

The most attractive and commendable feature is the reduced costs of local and international calls. You may have free unlimited calls domestically and the international calling is offered at a cheaper rate. The portability of the VoIP phone makes life even more convenient. You can have any number of your choice. Some companies also offer conversion of your existing residential or business phone number as VoIP number. You can carry that number around anywhere in the world and make your calls easily. No hassle of roaming charges (mostly) and signal problems.

While choosing the most appropriate service provider for you, research is essential. Review the packages offered by each VoIP company; take the referrals or testimonials of existing customers in regard with respect to the quality of services. Also, evaluate what other customer services do that provider offers. The previously value-added services like call diverting, call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, number blocking, etc. are available without little or no additional costs. Carefully review the service plans to see which one matches closely to your personal requirements. Whether you’d be better-off with the unlimited calls at a fixed-price per month or a year, or certain amount of fixed minutes for international calling are more suitable option.

Once you decide the VoIP service provider, your phone would be installed by the company’s personnel. The hardware required like the adapter, router, phone set, etc. may also be given by the company itself. So, go ahead and enjoy the calling!



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