Unleash the Power of VoIP: Asterisks

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest technology in the fields of telecommunication. With rapidly increasing demand for VoIP services, without any doubt, VoIP will take over conventional means of communication allowing the user absolute freedom. With the increasing demand of VoIP, various VoIP software have been introduced in the market that cater to the needs of differing users; corporate to households.

Asterisk is a toolkit associated with VoIP services, in this article we will focus on the benefits provided by Asterisks. Asterisks grants absolute freedom to a user over his/her performance of phone services. Asterisk is a very powerful toolkit, which facilitates voice transfer over Wi-Fi, hence eliminating call costs of conventional telephone services. Asterisks allows the user to personalize his/her voicemail & menus and allows the user to choose between numerous Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers in the market. Asterisk is powerful server software, which is compatible with numerous software platforms in the market today. Asterisk allows the user to manage his VoIP services from his residence, such facilities are not even provided by the state of the art systems such as Public Branch Exchange (PBX). Asterisks can be utilized to limitless boundaries, for instance Asterisk can be used to as hub from a VoIP service to the traditional telephone cables to the normal forward calls to your cell.

In the past couple of years the styling plus the layout has improved drastically bringing out positive response. Now days, Asterisk has become an essential tool in transmitting and receiving SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and RTP (Real-time Transport protocol) signals. Asterisk facilitates any telecom routing projects that require SIP from front end to your router selection server. With asterisks you can make 400-500 calls per second channeled via your Asterisk server to any server. In order to achieve the aforementioned numbers/ benefits, it is imperative that you use Asterisks.

Various Organizations and businesses have been able to make 9 million calls per every 48 hours, these statistics translate into 59 calls per second. The updated version of Asterisk; i.e. AsterisksNOW 1.5, allows the user to make and place calls from your residence.

AsterisksNOW ; the updates version of Asterisks, has been customized to be distributed exclusively by Linux, with Asterisks brand and Asterisks trademarks. Being amongst the best in the world, allows the user to configure the system using graphical interface. It also allows the user to debug or even design an asterisk. With this toolkit in hand, it reduces the uncertainties of using a kernel version or dependence on package.

Due to the above-mentioned advantages/features, without any doubt, asterisk is the leading telephony software in market today offering limitless flexibility to the user. Establishing efficient communication networks has never been so easy before. Asterisks allow software designers and amalgamators to offer comprehensive communication solutions. Asterisk is released as an open source but under the license from the GNU General Public License. Asterisks can be downloaded from the internet without even paying a cent.

After analyzing the above advantages and specifically the empowerment that one gains through the utilization of Asterisks software is immense. Due to this, in the past few years Asterisks has gained its reputation as one of the leading VoIP deterrents in the world today. It is highly recommended that you try it out once and you will unleash the power of VoIP, which in turn will eventually help you to revolutionize your organization/business unit.



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