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VoIP and its Voicemail Features

Voip phones are the growing rage in today’s telecommunication market. For business or residential purposes, everyone is adopting Voip phones because of the economical factor and brilliant quality of service. One of the reasons for this shift from ordinary landlines to this latest innovation is the voip features. The biggest difference between voip features and […]

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Wireless voip phone >> Choice of the day

It’s the wireless age, ladies and gentlemen! All the technologies are going wireless, not to mention voip phone systems too. ‘Wireless VoIP’ – as they call it – is on the verge of becoming the hottest innovative technologies in the VoIP market nowadays. But, what is all the buzz and attention about? Regardless of what […]

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Business voip >> Start your Own internet phone Business

Communication is what we dwell on and with internet at hand, our life has become even more dependent on it. For rapid communication across nation to nation, country to country in an efficient manner using a cheaper resource and internet at hand, thus, researchers and developers invented VoIP (Voice over IP) communication protocol for our […]

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and FAX

Most people know that FAX, mainly meant for analog service networks, cannot be sent perfectly over VoIP networks. It’s because, during FAX communication, the signal is used in a manner that is different from voice communication. Since the technology of a VoIP phone system involved, first the digitization and then compression of analog voice in […]

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What is the Difference between Landline and Voip Phone Service

Voip Technology may have come in existence a few decades ago; however, quite recently this technology has gained a tremendous momentum in its use and significance both on business and individual usage basis. This amazing facility aids in carrying out voice communication over the internet. A high-speed broadband internet connection is all one requires for […]

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