Why to go for dedicated VoIP services?

There are many different VoIP service options available out there. However, some people still believe they don’t need to get themselves the dedicated VoIP services. Let us discuss the reasons why dedicated VoIP service is the only type of phone service that will deliver the true phone solutions for all your phone requirements.

Free VoIP services

The first option that many novice phone users try to opt for is the free VoIP phone service. Free VoIP services are different in various ways. The fact that these VoIP providers offer free of cost phone services does not mean that a phone user should neglect all the important functionalities that are offered to him by the dedicated VoIP services. First off, it is very difficult to find a VoIP service that is really free. There are many direct or indirect costs that phone users have to pay in one way or the other. For example, some of these phone providers offer a very limited number of destinations where you can make phone calls. Others don’t offer the voice quality that you really deserve as a phone user. The most important limitation of these free VoIP services is that they are mostly able to make PC to PC phone calls and for that even you need to have the same software installed at both the ends. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make a connection possible. The service features that the free VoIP providers offer are the basic ones. Apart from offering a limited number of features, these services offer a single call plan and you have to stick to it, whether you like it or not. You may be able to save few bucks while having a free VoIP service but you will not be able to avoid the frustration due to the lacking this service has in different areas.

Telephone services

Telephone or landline phone is another option that people opt for utilizing the phone services. Telephone service providers are different in many aspects. Technologically, they are very sluggish and slow to respond. Use of copper wires and analog signaling technology affects the landline phone in more than one ways. Landline phones have become old and the technology that they use is also of not that much usefulness anymore. Landline phones don’t offer a crystal clear voice quality, which is the first major drawback they have. Secondly, the reliability of the service that this phone is able to offer is also shaky at best. You never know when your phone will go dead. Then you don’t have any access to the more advanced service feature that landline phone services should offer to survive the heat of the competition. On top of all that, landline phone is bound by a location and you cannot use it on the move. This is another serious limitation of the landline phone.

Mobile phones

The next option that comes to mind is the cell phones. Cell phones had been a nice addition to replace the landline phones but again cell phones also have some drawbacks. The first major flaw is that calls made from cell phone networks to national as well as international destinations are very expensive. The phone bills that a regular phone user receives from the cellular networks are pretty high and a heavy burden on pocket. This is just one limitation. Cell phones also have a network reach problem. You cannot use cell phone beyond a certain region. This is another problem of the cell phones. Cell phones are also not very rich in terms of the service features that they offer to their subscribers.

Dedicated VoIP service

Dedicated VoIP service is a specialized internet phone provider that offers paid internet phone services to the subscribers. This service is better in every aspect when we compare it with all the available options for making phone calls. Free VoIP services are no match to the dedicated service as they are not sufficient in any way to provide a competing phone service. Free VoIP services not only lack in quality but they are also PC dependent and not reliable at all. Dedicated VoIP service offers a feature rich service to their customers. You will be able to find all the advanced features in any good dedicated VoIP provider without paying too much money for it, which are not provided by any other phone service.

When we look at the portability of dedicated VoIP services, we find them extremely portable. You can use your VoIP service at any place in the world by just connecting your internet phone to an internet line. This frees you from the issues related to using your phone service at a particular location.

The phone bills that you will pay at the end of every month once you are connected to a dedicated VoIP service are fraction of what you had to pay to any other phone service provider. With such low calling costs, you will enjoy full freedom to call at any place in the world without worrying about the phone bills at the end of the month.

Whenever you think of finding the right phone service, always opt for the best option available out there and that of a dedicated VoIP service.



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