How To Judge The Reliability Of A Phone Service?

Ever wondered what a good VoIP phone service will be like? There are so many VoIP providers with big claims and flashy advertisements. This all makes choosing the right phone service a lot more difficult. Here is a simple step-by-step guide, which can get you just the right service that you have always been looking for. Read through to find what you have always been missing in selecting the right internet phone service.

Need Analysis

There are many types of phone users and each has its own set of demands to get fulfilled from the phone service that it subscribes for. Many novice users think that just every service will do the job and they don’t go into the depth of the matters. This is a totally wrong approach. You will not be able to find the best value for money phone service unless you go through this pain taking process of meticulously deciding on the important ingredients you must have in your phone system.

The first thing to start from is the number of phone calls that you will need to make from your phone. Secondly, where most of your phone calls would really be? This will help you decide either you are an international or national caller.

Cost factor may not seem to be much of a deal for the landline phone users utilizing the telephone services; however, there is still a significant difference between the phone costs charged by different VoIP providers. Every phone user has a different budget in mind. Good VoIP providers take care of it by offering a full range of call plans. Unless you are not clear about your affordability, you might trap yourself into an expensive and unaffordable phone service.

Once you decide the type of phone service you want to have and the money you can pay for it, you can proceed to the next important step of seeing all those important characteristics that would help you find the best phone service.

Call Plans Offered

Call plans vary a lot. Small or newbie VoIP providers don’t realize the importance of offering more call plan options to the customers. No matter what a VoIP service does, VoIP customers always face difficulty in finding the right plan for themselves. There are two issues that are usually common to see. First problem is that many times the call plan is not packaged according to the requirements of a particular phone user. Secondly, no new additions are made to a deal, which also make customers switch to another phone service. Always look for a VoIP phone service, which keeps on innovating new features and integrates them within their call plans so you are able to get the maximum benefit out of that service. One other key aspect of VoIP service is that you should always look for an internet phone provider, which is offering you a lot of call plans. The more call plan options you will have, the better it will be for you. You will be able to make more smart choices in selecting a call plan.

Calling Rates

Call rates vary from one service to another. Remember that we talked about the need analysis. Call rates vary according to the nature of the phone calls that you need to make. Some services offer low cost international calls while others have cheap domestic phone calls. You need to ascertain, which calls you make the most and choose a service that offers low call rates for that particular type of phone usage. Sometimes new users do not realize that there are many hidden costs that they have to pay in their monthly phone bills. Before subscribing to a phone service, always make sure that you know all other charges that are not included in the advertisements. Some VoIP providers are transparent enough to let the customers know how they will be charged for the phone usage while others hide the costs.


Look out for the service features that you will have. Service features add more value to your phone usage. Different internet phone services offer different kinds of features to their phone users. The requirement analysis will take a major role in selecting the right set of service features for your phone service. Many VoIP providers try to advertise very few basic features to get more business. You should know, which features are basic and which ones are advanced. Basic features are the ones that are offered by every internet phone service. Very few internet phone service providers offer highly advanced features to their customers.

Agreement With A Voip Provider

There are some companies that ask you to sign an agreement of a fixed term to opt for their service. If you are trying to tie a customer-service knot with that type of VoIP service, you need to be on your guards. Most of the internet phone users entering into a legal agreement with an internet phone service do not read the terms and conditions given in an agreement because of which they have to suffer later on. Never take the words of sales representative for granted. Always look for loopholes that may make you do things that you never thought you would have to do. For example, you may not read the terms of claiming a “money back guarantee” and that may backfire once you are trying to get rid of a phone service. There can be numerous other situations that may arise because your ignorance at the time of entering into the agreement with your phone service.

Last Check Before Final Selection

Once you have decided that you are opting for a service, you still need to make sure that you selected the right phone service. There are many ways to check the reliability and quality of a VoIP service. Customer reviews, for example, give you a firsthand experience of how people are experiencing the usage of a phone service. You can also take a general survey about the service from your friends and family members who are already using that service.

Follow this simple step-by-step approach and you are sure to get the best internet phone service for yourself.



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