How Hosted PBX Reduces Cost?

Hosted PBX is not only capable of providing all the capabilities that we had with the traditional phone system, it can offer even more. Regular PBX setting up takes a long time, a lot of investment, and involves a lot of hassle. Old phone system was not only expensive to install but it was very costly to use as well. Telephone system for businesses also has a much more complicated procedure to install.

The first step required to shift to PBX is subscribing to a broadband internet connection. The speed of the internet connection that you need to setup a virtual phone system depends on the internet speed requirements set by the internet phone service provider and your business requirements for using an internet connection of a specific speed. Axvoice, Vonage and other major internet phone services tell you in advance which type of internet connection will suffice your need for an internet phone.

The first advantage that you would as a businessman enjoy for having hosted PBX is saving of the heavy investment that you had to make in the older phone. The new phone system can be installed at the fraction of the cost that was paid for the earlier phone. Telephone system was charged on the basis of each extra phone line that was used by a business which increased the cost of the phone bill with the increase in the number of employees. Even extending the new phone to more employees is much easier and does not require that much cost.

Business often requires advanced phone systems to have a competitive edge. Service features included in the PBX phone also help reduce the costs of the business indirectly. For example, the call forwarding is a very important feature which ensures that unattended phone calls are attended on another phone number. This helps businesses save a lot of potential lost business which they weren’t earlier able to recover.

Calling rates are also much low in case of the internet phone. National as well as international calls are made at much cheaper rates which directly helps business save a lot more. Even businesses can choose from different calling plans available to choose that plan which best suits their needs as well as their affordability.

Hosted PBX allows businesses to use a local number even to different locations anywhere in the world. This allows businesses to stay connected with their offices at different places without increasing the phone bill. Many businesses with field staff that requires a lot of travelling can give their employees this phone and they can call from anywhere without any additional charges.

Hosted phone also reduces the need of maintaining the phone system by the business itself, which eliminates the need to have special staff required to be trained for looking after the phone system and that further reduces the expenses.

Entrepreneurs who are planning to improve their business processes should seriously consider shifting their businesses from old phone to the virtual PBX phone system.



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