Factors That Determine the Quality of a VoIP Service

VoIP services differ with different service providers. Some VoIP providers have excellent quality services while others just provide an average phone service to their customers. Each service provider offers different service features and voice quality. There are many different factors that determine voice and type of service features offered. Let us have a look at how these factors affect your phone service.

Congestion problems

Increasing number of customers is a happy thing for the service providers. They just want to add more and more customers for earning more revenues. Few phone services consider the problems that arise when too many customers are using a phone service simultaneously. Congestion is caused when the infrastructure is not able to take the peak load of all the customers on a network. Congestion on VoIP because of overload makes the switches and routers hold the traffic until they are made available with the capacity needed to run normally again.

Bandwidth issues

Internet speed is also very important. Fast internet connection is a relative term and one should not consider this term enough to determine that a VoIP service will run on your internet connection or not. Axvoice and other good phone service providers let the customers know which type of internet connection will be comfortably able to run their service. Streaming videos or using internet for purposes that require heavy bandwidth can also affect the voice quality and may also result in interruptions.

Compression techniques

Compression technique is used to overcome the network related problems. Through compression more data can be exchanged even with limited capacity of the network to handle. This not only depends on the company that is using the equipment as different companies have different expertise in handling these kinds of situations but it is also dependent on the equipment that is actually used to achieve that. A company that has concern for the customers’ takes up these kinds of matters seriously and tries to correct them as much as possible. However, a greedy VoIP provider won’t really bother about the possible problems that the customers are having.

Shared connection problems

Amongst the many other problems, one issue that often deteriorates the quality of the phone service is the connection problems. Overloading on the network can also be a result of more connection sharing. This problem is particularly visible in businesses which not only use internet connection for using their business phone service but they also use the same internet connection to send and receive other types of data as well. This can also be a problem for the residential phone users who want to share large size files and do video streaming along with the talking on their phone.

E911 regulations

Among many other features, one key aspect is that the VoIP service should be able to provide your location in case of an emergency. Different states have different laws on that. Some states make it mandatory for the service provider to provide you with the E911 services while others don’t. So you should also check with your phone service if you will be provided the emergency handling service or not.



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  • Huntington

    Most of the problems in voip phone service occur because of potential problem in the internet. My experience is that these problems come to an end as we increase the bandwidth. Sometimes just a repair of all internet cables resolves the problem.

  • Julie

    Many people ask the VoIP providers to wave off the E911 fee. The fact is VoIP service providers are not allowed by the government to do so. What consumers are bound to do is to keep their provider up to date with their current address so that they might get E911 service when needed.

  • Miah

    Many people ask the VoIP providers to wave off the E911 fee. The fact is VoIP service providers are not allowed by the government to do so. What consumers are bound to do is to keep their provider up to date with their current address so that they might get E911 service when needed.

  • Daniel

    Bandwidth is the most important factor that contributes to the quality of VoIP service. In most cases, problems related to VoIP service are in fact problems of bandwidth. If you have good bandwidth, no doubt, you will enjoy a very good voip phone service and if you don’t have a reliable high speed bandwidth you will be facing problems in your internet no matter how good the voip service provider is.

  • Fannia

    I would say Huntington is right. The most important is internet lines. If you keep the joints and jacks stable, you will get a reliable voip phone speed. For that as he has mentioned, we have to do a monthly check up of all the internet lines. This will definitely save us from so many problems.

  • William

    With shared internet connections, you have to be very careful. Your voip communication may be affected even if some other person is downloading from internet or running you tube or any other videos. This is why if you are planing to use VoIP on a shared connection, you have to take care of these issues.

  • SarahRadly

    I would agree that there is a huge difference in service quality of voip service providers. One may be providing very good service while the other may be offering very poor service at same rates. However, as far as the plans and packages are concerned, I think there is very minimal difference between them.

  • Albert Hayden

    All the above mentioned problems have remained in the papers. They have become a story of past long ago. Most of these problems were because of low bandwidth. Majority around the globe had dial up internet service. Since the arrival of high speed internet, these problems have automatically vanished.

  • Averil

    As far as the compression techniques are concerned, I don’t think we would need much of them in future. I think in future, we will have more bandwidth and in presence of plenty of bandwidth, we will not need any compression techniques.

  • Sandra

    I think live support is the most important factor that determine the quality of a VoIP service. Obviously, from technical point, it does nothing but it covers a huge psychological aspect. If you satisfy your client on help line, I think more than half of the battle is won.

  • Smantha Adkins

    I agree with Averil. In future, we will have more and more bandwidth. In presence of that much bandwidth, we would not need any compression techniques. However, compression remains a necessity as it is easy for the devices to manage low amount of data. Obviously, compressed data will travel more quickly and efficiently than the uncompressed data.

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