Beyond the obvious: Internet phone service

VoIP and low rate calls

Whenever you hear the word VoIP phone service, the first thing that comes to mind is “Low call rates”. Isn’t it? Well folks, this is not VoIP is all about. Although, low calling rates is major advantage of VoIP phone service, but it is definitely not the only advantage.

Evolution of VoIP

Even after so many years of introduction of VoIP, people are un-aware of its full advantages. This article highlights some of the other advantages of Internet phone service.

Yes, VoIP is good when you want to make long distance calls and people always compare broadband phone service to landline. It is also wise to compare it with your cell phone. You don’t even have to buy a new phone when you are switching to Internet phone service. These are some of the advantages, which people are usually aware of.

VoIP and Internet

VoIP can be a good hybrid between broadband phone service and business phone service It can make life much easier for those who run their businesses while sitting at home. Many providers today give a feature called voicemail, which alerts you every time you have a voice message through email. You can check the message later without being interrupted in the middle of something important. Providers like Axvoice provide this feature.

A major concern for the potential users of VoIP is whether they will have good quality service or not. The answer to this concern is that there would not have been so many internet phone service providers in the market today if the voice quality had not been good.

VoIP home phone service providers are making greater efforts to give their customers good quality because they are worried about their market share. Customers have so many options in the Internet phone service market today that they would never stay loyal unless the quality provided is exceptionally good. Providers like Axvoice are using techniques to handle the pressure of customers and keep their service up to standard.


These are some of the advantages, which should persuade you to switch to VoIP home phone service. Always compare prices and packages across different service providers before deciding, which one is good for you. Quality, package deals and prices are the three features, which come at the top of the list while making a decision.

The key to choose the right VoIP home phone service is to analyze what your needs are and then match your needs with respective VoIP home phone service providers. A VoIP home phone service, which has proved to be good for your friend might not be ideal for you. Remember, you and your friends have different needs and they ought to be satisfied in different ways.


Always make sure that the internet connection, which you have chosen for your VoIP home phone service has high-speed and compliments your VoIP home phone service.




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