VoIP Phone Service – A New Way to Connect At a Low Cost

VoIP Phone Service is a huge advancement in the telecommunication industry. The investments in VoIP Phone Service have risen rapidly. It has come up as a solution to many needs of today’s business world. VoIP Phone Service is a cheap way for people to communicate around the world and all they need is a computer and a high speed internet connection. It is useful in both small and large businesses. It offers many more services as compared to traditional phone service at a reasonably low cost.

VoIP Phone Service is a technology that merges voice and image. It digitalizes the voice and sends it over the internet, at the receiving end the voice is converted to normal by the adaptor. Users around the world are taking advantage of this service to make international calls at astoundingly cheap rates. Regular phones can also be used with VoIP Phone Service. In this case call is received by the service provider who transfers it to the receiver.

There are many advantages of VoIP Phone Service over traditional phone service.

  • VoIP Phone Service is way cheap than traditional phone service. It makes possible local and domestic long distance calls at rates as low as 2 cents. International calls to certain countries can be totally free of cost. Call plans offered by VoIP Phone Service are variable with some charging per minute others offering unlimited local and domestic long distance calls.
  • VoIP Phone Services finishes reliance on local phone services. Local phone services in many countries can be extremely unreliable.
  • People can move anywhere in the world and still remain connected. VoIP Phone Service can be accessed sitting anywhere in the world.
  • Users of VoIP Phone Service can move their telephones to any new location without having to change the number.
  • Quality of voice is way superior to traditional phone service.
  • It also offers video conferencing.
  • It does not need any hardware, just a high speed internet connection.
  • It has the facility of detailed online tracking, so accounts can be monitored.
  • VoIP Phone Service is a fast and uninterrupted way of communication.
  • Features such as PBX, Private Faxes, virtual local numbers, telecommuting, Personal Telephone Numbers, Mobile United Communications, connecting multiple locations through voice are not offered by traditional phone services.

Additional features of VoIP Phone Service apart from the above include:

  • Unlimited extensions
  • Call and Video Conferencing
  • Call blocking and Caller ID
  • Customize audio menus and professional greetings
  • Click-To-Call buttons
  • Call transfer facility
  • Voice mail services

VoIP Phone Service helps a company to consolidate its network. It is very useful in businesses who have employees working at home or have a travelling work force. Your business can cut down its telephone expenses drastically by using this revolutionary service at the same time maintaining a high quality of voice and an uninterrupted service.




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