4 Reasons That Make VoIP A Must Have For Businesses

A VoIP phone system is a service that allows communication via the internet. The idea is to link up the computers or VoIP phones to the internet and create a network. The service does not require a lot of high tech devices or great expertise to setup. You only require an Analog Telephone Adapter and a high speed broadband internet to get the system working. The advantages of this type of service are many and this technology is one of the main reasons for the declining customer base of traditional phone companies.

Let us explore some of the reasons which make this internet telephony so popular among users- the reasons behind the massive switching of people from traditional phone networks to VoIP. The reasons are listed below in order of importance, 1 being the most oft sighted reason.


The thing that makes the VoIP phone standout- its features!! The traditional telephone services just cannot take on the VoIP phone simply because of the vast array of features that come packed with the services. These features have become the norm or standard for a VoIP phone and form part of the basic package offered. The same features come as an add-on for the traditional phone systems and anything that comes as an add-on has humungous prices tags attached to it.

Features such as call forwarding, customized ring tones for individual personnel, voicemail, do not disturb, caller ID, call blocking are all elective features when it comes to traditional telephone systems. These features are charged for separately in traditional phone systems.

Call Quality

Call quality is something that is usually compromised when it comes to the regular telephone calls. An excellent quality phone call on the other hand should sound as if the person is sitting right next to you and having a chat with you. This is a trivial issue when it comes to VoIP phone. The high end VoIP phone providers give excellent services and their call quality is extremely high.

User – Friendly

A VoIP phone is extremely portable. The whole systems works only through a VoIP ATA and a high speed internet which means that it can be setup virtually anywhere provides a good internet connection is available. You could even carry it with you while on vacation although this is not recommended since a vacation is meant to be time off! You can use it at all times, anywhere and on the move. There are simply no hassles attached to it.

Save money!

Perhaps the most important reason for using a VoIP phone is the money-saving opportunity it provides! The VoIP phone is priced so low that it has become an integral part of most office communications. An organization can literally save thousands of dollars by just making this switch. Organizations have reported a reduction of more than 70% in their telephone bills simply by acquiring a VoIP phone! In general terms, majority of the VoIP providers charge rates ranging between $9 to $35 a month, offering a free facility to make local and long distance calls included to US and Canada.



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