Internet Phone Service – An Affordable Communication Medium for Everyone

In recent years communication industry has witnessed advent of a medium, which has not only provider cheaper rates, better coverage but is also reliable. That revolution is Internet Phone service, Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) provides communication to its users by utilizing the services of the internet. It basically uses local broadband as a medium of communication. The concept is not entirely new such mode of communication existed in the computers, where various software-enabled computer to computer communications, they have just expanded it to further frontiers.

They are cheap, handy, effective and reliable. Internet phone service is a creation of one such concept and is developed in keeping the above objectives in mind.

Another reason of such effective service, low rates and quality is the presence of competitors. There are many internet phone service providers in the market; which come up with attractive packages from time to time to maintain and increase their user base. Amongst the leading service providers in the market Axvoice, Acrobits are a few. VOIP as a technology is not just growing as a replacement for traditional phone service; internet phone service is also carving a niche for itself in the cellular communication industry and much software are available in the market which provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) facility on cell phones.

Following are the salient attributes of this new technology

  • Cost effective: A customer can keep any number and still he’ll be able to pay local rates. And as for international rates internet phone service with best cheapest rates.
  • Portability: A customer can simply retain his existing number anywhere in the world. Moving and taking care of the contact is not an issue.
  • Privacy & Security: Customers can retain privacy of their contact. It gives you safety by not sharing your number and keeping it private from telephone directories.
  • Push call facility: In an internet phone service customer have the ability to counter multiple calls at the same time he can either take the call or get to it later by accessing it from the voice mail option. A user can remain connected anywhere by forwarding call to any number he desires.
  • Long Distance: A digital internet phones service long distance calls will no longer pose any problem for the customer pockets. VOIP gives better rates than any other communication medium so the customers enjoy the best rates ever available.
  • Voicemail:   taking care of the customer by easing his work load; a customer’s calls are saved in voicemail in a separate specified area for them. Voice messages can be accessed any time simply with the help of hands free or any such telecommunication device. Your data remains saved for a longer period of time so that you can use it later on your discretion, unlike traditional landlines where it had to be erased after a while.

Equipped with all these features an Internet home phone service strives for giving its customer a complete traditional landline experience.




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