Affordable Call Rates for Business and Home Phone users

VoIP is catering to all walks of life. The users can use the services for businesses as well as a home phone service. It is extremely user-friendly and suitable for all ages to get accessed with it. The technology that is behind VoIP is the internet protocol in which the data is transferred from the sender to the receiver who may have a mobile phone a landline or a personal computer in the form of small data packets. VoIP works best with any of these three things. Currently, United Kingdom is the most popular country using the VoIP in businesses as well as a home phone service. Axvoice is the leading name amongst the VoIP service providers which offers solutions not just for business users but also for the home phone service users of VoIP. Many of the VoIP serve providers offer VoIP pre-paid and post-pad cards to their users. Pre-paid cards are recommended for the ones who have to make calls less frequently in different parts of the world while, those who have to make calls all over the world are recommended to opt for post-paid cards. Different packages and deals are normally available on these cards which can be availed by the users according to their needs and wants.

Moreover; due to the ever increasing popularity of VoIP, the VoIP service providers have come up with a new VoIP device that can be installed into the personal computers of the users and they can make calls on further low rates. This is mostly preferable for the business companies but now, many home phone service users are also adopting it and making it useful in their everyday lives. It must be noted here that the biggest advantage of VoIP phone service is that its quality is as good as a normal phone service and it gives excellent results to all its users. A few advantages of VoIP over the traditional phone services are:

1. VoIP offers best call rates for all its users, may the calls be made locally or internationally.

2. If VoIP is used with a computer then the users have a facility to download and record the videos and call audio.

3. VoIP services are portable, it means that if a user has a laptop then he/she can take it along with the VoIP services to any place in the world and use it as effectively as ever.

4. The availability of pre-paid and post-paid services have made it easier for the user to choose from a variety of deals and evaluate that which option is better for them to make local or international calls.

5. The expiry of pre-paid and post-paid cards is quite long and it can be used whenever the user wants it to use.

Axvoice is one of the most popular VoIP service providers. Axvoice promises its customers to deliver best quality VoIP services for businesses and as a home phone service. It uses the latest technology of data transferring by the use of fiber optics and ensures that all the customers get the value added services of VoIP like call forwarding, voice mailing, conference calling etc. without paying extra for these services. Therefore, Axvoice should be opted for getting best quality VoIP services.



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