Axvoice! Not Just Another VoIP Provider

Why people prefer voip or internet phone service over the usual landline phone system? The simple answer is low cost. Yes! if you have a voip service, you can enjoy unlimited calls at a real low rate. There are a number of voip service providers in the market. Obviously, each and every one of them is trying to give “the lowest rates” but there are a few who have successfully maintained their quality also.

In fact, VoIP is the technology to digitize an analog signal. It is a complete art in itself and demands a lot more than just a website for advertisement. Issues like echo cancellation, echo eliminating (many other also) need an organized team of experienced engineers and programmers. We at Axvoice have a team of experienced experts working day and night to improve our service. You can just go to the site, make a free test call and their quality of work will definitely speak for itself.

On Axvoice . com, you should check the amazing advanced features that we are providing. You would be surprised that even the biggest of the companies have not yet provided these facilities. These unique features and facilities are a proof that Axvoice engineers are going to be the trendsetters for voip industry. We are providing free calls to 37 different countries. You don’t need to buy any specific device from a specific company. Bring any voip phone set and Axvoice service will be compatible with it, however, the company itself also offers free hardware. Free hardware offer is a limited one and will be provided only if you buy a plan until 31st of September 2009.
You can switch your service to Axvoice even with your present number and we will be equally happy if you want to enjoy our service with a new number. Free virtual number is also available and the service quality of our virtual number is a level of standard that Axvoice engineers have dedicated to themselves only.



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