AxVoice! The Most Portable VoIP Service

AxVoice internet phone service is based on the most modern technology. We aim to provide an integrated service to the user that ensures problem free calling and a reliable service. The equipment requirements for this service are quite simple and all that you need is a broadband connection and a VoIP phone set. Once you get the internet connection you can enjoy the AxVoice voip service like a traditional great phone. Those who prefer the feel of traditional phone can go for VoIP phone set and enjoy the service just like a normal phone, however, it is compatible with the computer also (if you have a headset with your computer).

In today’s smart and quick corporate culture, we need an economic and portable phone service because a lot of times we are not at our offices and are in meetings or site visits. The VoIP service of Axvoice is independent of place. You can avail our services from anywhere in the USA and Canada, once there is an active internet connection and that is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the service. Axvoice internet phone service has eliminated the need of expensive mobile phones as well as the need to be tied down to a desktop phone.

We ensure that you can use your computer also while enjoying our internet phone service and obviously the efficiency with which you operate the computer is not affected by using the service.

We at Axvoice are committed to providing a voip service that will satisfy all your requests at a cost that is reasonable and accessible. We are in business to lower costs and improve the standard of internet phone service. Just Keep in touch with us to enjoy the newly discovered horizons of information technology.



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