VoIP – A Challenge for PSTN

In present world, the ease with which we can communicate with each other was not the situation few years back. It all happened after the advent of Internet. Prior to the introduction of Internet, telephone was the main source of communication and the monopoly of telephone had dominated the extent to which people interacted with their beloved ones, with its high prices. During landline telephone service era people were afraid of making calls, especially long distance calls due to high prices charged by the companies. But this is not the situation any more, now people talk for free as much as they want with Internet Phone. This may look like a joke or dream to people who are habitual of paying large sums as their monthly bills to PSTN. With VoIP Phone (Internet Phone/Broadband Phone) people cannot only do voice communication but users of this service can also exchange images, make video calls and avail all other benefits of internet simultaneously.

Voice over Internet Protocol has without doubt transformed the ways of communication. It has surely helped bring people closer and strengthen social bonding between them by offering unlimited free on-net calls, not only that but they can also make local and international off-net calls at comparatively much reduced price. So, now people don’t really worry prior to making any national or long distance calls with VoIP Phone Service. Among other uses of Internet, VoIP Phone service is another specialized, effective and intelligent use for making low cost calls around the globe.  As VoIP can be utilized for multiple duties, this has reduced the tension of people with issues like maintaining different networks for various jobs (fax, internet, phone, video calls etc). The working of Internet telephony is different from landline service in a way that VoIP makes use of internet as its median and shifts data packet through IP addresses unlike the traditional PSTN which makes use of call switching technique.

Once a person is done with the decision to switch to VoIP, rest of the procedure is really simple. VoIP sellers are waiting out there for your affirmative signal, you just need to make a call or sign up on internet, soon you will be supplied with the basic hardware and software required. The process of choosing a suitable VoIP supplier is a bit difficult, because you must be sure of the credibility and after sales service of a particular vendor. Once you are bound through contract with a particular service provider, things would be difficult if you did not like the quality of service. So prior to signing up, do make sure by going through online customer reviews about a vendor of his existing customers. 
So to start using VoIP service, you need to have a fast broadband internet, computer equipped with speakers and microphone or a simple telephone set with Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and VoIP service.  With these basic things you are ready to avail all the benefits of VoIP.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab a perfect VoIP package for yourself.



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