Tempting Facilities of Internet Based Home Phone


VoIP provides appealing and attractive advantages to home customers. The charm of making low cost or completely free calls across any IP network is an absolute gift for the consumers in these economy-crushing days.

In the initial days, Internet Home Phone gathered much of the success but the technology required for this purpose wasn’t enough. We usually wonder why VoIP didn’t collect much publicity in the past years. It appears that the early thrill that surrounded the availability of VoIP wasn’t matched by equally efficient technology. The problem that created this situation was the lack of high speed Internet connections available for homes. Low speed caused the incompetence of these VoIP systems. With speedy growth of home broadband, this problem has been resolved.

Now, with a proper PC, VoIP software, a couple of speakers and a microphone can do the trick for you. You’ll have the Internet Home Phone working sufficiently well for you anywhere you want. There are a lot of benefits offered by the VoIP which have superiority over your landline and mobile phones.

1. Cost

VoIP is known for its low rated and free calls. It reduces the call costs to such extent where it’s absolutely free to make PC to PC calls. If you’re using the same machine as the other person, your call will be totally free. Cost of local and long distant calls are also reduced significantly. Low cost or completely free calls are the vital steps towards the popularity of Internet Home Phone.

Video Calling

Many VoIP providers give you the facility to make video calls along with the voice calls. You can actually send moving images to anyone anywhere along with your voice. All you have to do is connect a webcam with your machine and you can instantly make mobile phone video calls on the Internet with a touch of a button. Show your parents their first grandchild who was born in another continent with image calling. VoIP is giving a whole new look to personal communications.

2. Portability

The functions of VoIP can only be performed if the software is installed on the device. The working of Internet Home Phone depends on the device it is installed on. With a laptop, you can easily take VoIP wherever you want and with an appropriate Internet connection, you can make cheap calls anywhere you want. It surely saves us a lot of money as compared to our mobile phones.

3. Value Added Services

VoIP comes with many exciting offers such as voice mail, conference calling, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID and many more enhanced telephone services. You can use your Internet Home Phone as you want. You can also receive updates via SMS or email when you miss a call.

If you have a high speed Internet network and you can understand technology with its advancements, you can easily install VoIP. You can talk to your friends and your family who live millions of miles away from you by purchasing only a microphone and a webcam. What you have to do is find such a VoIP provider who doesn’t associate you with long term contracts and will let you modify your system to a VoIP phone system afterwards.



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