One Solution for Long Distance and International Calling – VoIP

Cost of telecommunication services has sky rocketed in the past few decades, making long distance and international calls are very expensive. Regardless of the cost of making calls, due to various reasons one cannot simply cut of his/her links from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the telephone service companies are aware of this fact and continue to manipulate us till date.

However, help is on the way from Voice over Internet Protocol technology. Voice over IP uses the internet to establish a connection with VoIP remote systems allowing the user to make cheap or virtually free unlimited long distance and international calls, hence allowing the user to keep in touch with friends and family abroad or keep a track of the business operations when you are on a holiday or out of the country for business purposes. Taking a foreign holiday in perspective, many VoIP service providers are experiencing a growth in sales, because many die heart football fans will be traveling to South Africa and VoIP will allow them to keep in touch with their family and friends at an unimaginably cheap rate.

The question that arises is how they will be able to make cheap or virtually free class when the packages or connections purchases in United States are being used in South Africa. Well for a start as we have already mentioned that VoIP uses an internet connection, then depending on packages; for instance you can make free unlimited calls within United States and Canada and other neighboring countries at a monthly flat rate. Therefore, users in South Africa will simply have to connect their VoIP adapters to an internet connection and then connect a conventional handset and they will be good to go. Another alternative can be that before going to South Africa, one can have VoIP software configured on your cell phone, so the VoIP service can be accessed via GPRS or Wi-Fi.

VoIP service provider companies have recently introduced prepaid cards in the market. If ones requirement is to make international calls frequently then certainly the conventional billing connection would be appropriate as the user will not have to face any disruptions in service. However, users who are inclined to make international calls occasionally, for them the VoIP prepaid card system is the most appropriate one.

Furthermore, VoIP companies have launched free VoIP software that allows users to make calls using their laptops or PC’s. A decade ago when PC to PC VoIP service was introduced, the audio quality was pathetic, however now with widespread broadband internet connections, the audio is quality is far beyond than what there used to be in the past.

VoIP has been able to gain a massive share of the telecom sector not only due to the ability to make cheap calls but also due to various other benefits of VoIP such as video conferencing, worldwide accessibility, flexible tariff plans and unlimited time period of prepaid cards as well.



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