Keep on Talking and Surfing Together via Axvoice Internet Phone Service.

Now you can make and receive phone calls, without a need for a pair of headphones or a computer! Surprised? Don’t be, because Axvoice Internet phone service offers you the facility to make inland and international phone calls for lowest call rates and highest voice quality. It is all that simple; simply, pick up a normal touch-tone phone, dial and enjoy talking, without a worry of costly phone bills. Based on the latest telecommunication technologies, Axvoice internet phone service is fast, responsive and an economical phone service of digital media which easily connects to the world. But, did you know, that’s just not it?
Axvoice Internet uses state-of-the art asterisk-pbx technologies throughout and lets you talk on the phone, whilst you carry on browsing on the Internet. Our advanced internet based phone line communication system lets you stay in touch anywhere, whenever with your business partners, customers, friends and relatives living far away, at reasonable ratings without a fuss.
Axvoice operates in conjunction with your regular phone service; thus, now your phone line won’t be busy anymore and you can continue to surf the Internet all at once. Who needs a second phone line for using the Internet, when Axvoice broadband-phones Service is here to serve your needs! Click on your web browser, and there you are, on the web. That’s one of the great extras that Axvoice offers. This means you can talk or chat, while remaining connected to the Internet. To top it off, your phone isn’t busy when you’re surfing the Web, so you won’t miss out on those important calls from your clients, associates, friends or your family. Axvoice internet phone lets you enjoy you conversations and doesn’t interfere with custom calling features like call waiting and voice mail.
Exciting isn’t it, so, why wait? Get your Axvoice subscription right away and enjoy the unlimited cheap call rates, long calls to distant places in economical prices and longer hours of non-disruptive internet all in one package.



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