Is your Internet Connection being a Menace to Your VoIP Service?

If you still have not shifted to a VoIP service, then you are definitely burdening yourself and not thinking economically. About time, you bring in VoIP service (acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol) and enjoy the benefits of affordable, yet advanced communication for your business needs.

Although, VoIP does have its benefits, though there are a few things you need to look into. Firstly, check out your internet connection. Is it good enough to support your VoIP service? Does it give sufficient bandwidth to make clear VoIP calls? If you are experiencing issues, then there is definitely something wrong with your internet connection, if not your VoIP service, itself. The internet you use might be good enough to support the normal browsing the web and checking emails etc., but for VoIP you need a service that gives you adequate bandwidth supply since VoIP is susceptible to network problems. In a VoIP service, the voice signal is converted into digital format and compressed to be easily transferred via your internet. The digital signals are transferred into compressed packets to the receiving destination.

These packets travel via internet through diverse routes and may not reach the destination in their respective order. Now, when they reach the destination, it might become a problem to reorganize the data packets into a proper pattern and converting them back to analogue or its original format. If your internet connection is slow, then you might not get an excellent voice quality when using your VoIP service.

Hearing choked voices, breaking voice and poor voice quality is probably owing to the lost packets or those received in a wrong sequence. All this is most certainly due to poor quality internet that you might be using. Signing up with an unreliable Internet service provider just to save a few dollars isn’t a sensible idea. Using a broadband internet just does not solve the issue; you need an internet service provider who gives a promising service and well supports your VoIP service.

Mostly, internet service providers run their business on taking on more and more customers, a lot more than their system they cater to. As a result, too much traffic puts on more loads and thus causes latency. In addition, quality Internet providers do not always install the best circuit possible. Many a times what happens is that the circuit or wiring that connects you to main Internet provider’s cable is not properly established or strong enough to carry the load that it should. If you are sharing internet with your neighbors and have a common circuit, then there are times that your neighbors may be doing tasks that require more bandwidth, let’s say downloading movies, video streaming, laying online games etc., then it isn’t possible to get sufficient bandwidth to make a VoIP call, or at least get a good quality VoIP service.

So, remember, whenever you use an internet service for your VoIP service, make sure you hire an ISP who is reliable and particular about giving away quality service to a selected lot or have an advanced system to support greater number of subscribers.




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