How to configure Sipdroid on any android phone for Axvoice

Many people ask us, can Axvoice run on an android phone? The answer is resonating YES! Each android phone’s basic functionality at the core is the same and there
aren’t any differences to take note of. There are many SIP applications that run on your android phone for providing you the voip phone service facility right on your cell phone and Sipdroid is one of them. Once you have Sipdroid installed, you can use the free in network calling feature offered by Axvoice where you can make phone calls to anyone free of cost, who is also using Axvoice.

Phone choices

Sipdroid works with many different android OS based phones, to name just few of them Passion / Bravo / Archos Phone / CLIQ / DEXT / Magic and myTouch 3G etc.

Installing Sipdroid

Step 1

The first step to installation of Sipdroid on your phone is by downloading it. Once you have downloaded it on your android phone, make sure you know where the setup
installation file is placed.

Step 2

Install the application. Once the application has been successfully installed, open the Sip account settings and enter the important information required.

User Name: Enter your Axvoice username

Password: Your Axvoice account password

Once you have configured all these settings, you should now go for audio codecs settings. Select an appropriate codec according to the bandwidth available.

As soon as you are registered with Axvoice server, you can start making phone calls. All international calls should have 011 dialed before dialing any number and if you are making domestic calls, you need do dial 1 plus the area code.

Benefits of using Mobile VoIP

Axvoice like any other good phone service offers crystal clear voice quality, provided you are using a faster wireless internet connection.

Cutting cell phone bills

Mobile VoIP service enables you to use the same internet phone service on your mobile. This service is a lot cheaper than cell phone service and this will obviously save the
mobile phone users a lot more money. And on top of that, they can make long distance as well as international calls at throw away rates.

More features at your figure tip

The number of service features that you can have on VoIP have never been offered by the landline or cell phone networks. There are many advanced features offered as well like call forwarding, call waiting, simultaneous ring, etc. to name a few.

Better call quality

Call quality increases dramatically with VoIP used on your mobile phone. You are actually using the wireless internet connection to make and receive calls which increases call quality many times over. Secondly, reliability of your phone service will also increase.

Use it anywhere around the world

Unlike cell phones which have limited network reach, Mobile VoIP can be used anywhere in the world by just connecting your mobile phone with a wireless internet connection. You don’t need to even pay any extra money like roaming or other charges that you usually pay while using your mobile phone outside the network reach.



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