Cell Phones Vs Internet Phone – A Comparison Of The Two Types Of Phone Services

Internet phone service has always been the choice of the smart landline phone users. Now a day, a new trend of using internet phone on the mobiles is on the boom. There are many benefits that internet phone offers, which are not offered by the cell phone service providers. Let us look at how internet phone is better than cell phones.

Calling Rates

Cell phones are an expensive type of phone service to use. The bills of the cell phones are really high and they cost a lot of money to their users. When you make international calls, the bills increase manifolds. Therefore, we cannot call cell phones as a cheap phone solution by any means. When you want to cut your cell phone bill, you will have to drastically reduce the number of phone calls that you are making. Internet phone gives you complete freedom and peace of mind. You can choose from any of the call plans offered to you according to your specific needs and save even more money. Leading VoIP services like Axvoice offer highly subsidized call rates for international calls, which make phone calls abroad a lot less costly to make.

Global accessibility

Cell phones are bound by location of their cellular network. You have to be in reach of your carrier in order to ensure that you receive and send phone calls. This is a major limitation of the cell phones. You can use your cell phone outside the reach of your network but you will have to pay additional charges for that. Internet phone on the other hand allows you to freely use it at any place in the world. You just need to connect it with an internet line to make and receive phone calls. You do not even need to pay any additional charges for that. This further reduces the costs that you pay for phones during your travel.

Flexibility in terms of use

Cell phones can only be used through a mobile, and you do not have any other way of using them. VoIP phone service can be used in three different ways. The first commonly used method is through the VoIP ATA that is special equipment used for internet phone service. You just connect one end of this equipment with internet and the other with your phone to make and receive phone calls through internet. The second way is by using the PC based VoIP service. In this kind of internet phone service, all you need to do is to install the software of the phone service and attach a headset with microphone for using the phone service. The last method is called mobile VoIP. You can also use your mobile as your VoIP phone by installing a mobile VoIP app on your cell phone.

Features of service

Internet phone service is a feature rich calling technology. Choose any of the good VoIP providers and you will be able to enjoy all the advanced service features on your phone. Cellular services offer very basic phoning features to their customers and for any of the advanced features the subscribers need to dole out additional money.



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