Blessings of VoIP Phone Service and Internet

Can you imagine a normal day without Internet? Everything around us is bound to Internet. So is the recent technological innovation, VoIP Phone Service. VoIP Phone Service is a perfect substitute to the traditional landline phone service. Why was there any need for a substitute? A very simple and obvious reason is that VoIP (internet telephony) is much simpler, cheaper and obviously efficient. According to statistical calculations, it is noted that with internet telephony you can cut your communication cost more than 60% of what you already paid to conventional phone service companies. And not only can this but you avail better and enhanced services.

Now following are some ways though which you can take full advantage of both VoIP Phone Service and Internet combined.

  • How can you stay connected when you are not at home or near your Internet phone! As your telephone provides you service of call forwarding, VoIP Phone Service also does. Depending upon your VoIP Phone Service provider and features of call forwarding provided by them (which obviously entails the feature of simple Call Forwarding); you can forward your call anywhere you are in the world. In a way even better than you were used to off with your normal landline.
  • All these emoticons and smiley which are now very commonly used between our everyday chat and messages convey the message very well, but are not good enough to be compared with human voice. Change in tone, ups and downs, pauses; shout, and politeness, all of these things affect listener a great deal. And loss of this “human voice phenomenon” greatly affects the meaning and essence of information that we try to convey to the listener. This loss is caused by many things such as, hastiness in talking due to high cost of long call, signal distortion while talking on mobile phone. VoIP Phone Service is liberated from such worries and you can convey your message with relax mind.
  • If you think that you would miss the fun you had while having conference calls with your friends. You are wrong! Because VoIP Phone Service provides you with the facility of conference calling as well.
  • Most of the Internet Phone Providers also provide free account of email, and that can be handy at times as well. If you are unable to talk at any particular moment, you may use your email and reply that person. And also there are many other uses of email.
  • Instant messaging services are always with Internet Phone package, and you can share nook and cranny of your life with your friends, on the go.
  • And exciting of all you can utilize the brilliant feature of video chat, for any purpose, to have a meeting with your clients in China while sitting in New York or to say wish your mom mother’s day when you could not catch the flight.

So, without doubt internet and internet phone service is no less than a blessing for us and the Axvoice VoIP provides this blessing in the best possible manner.



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