Axvoice Internet Phone Service is Compatible with Mobiles Also

Experience making calls using Axvoice voip service service from your mobile! Yup, that’s true! Your Axvoice Internet Phone lets you enjoy a versatile experience of making and receiving calls, even on your mobile. Make low-priced calls to any number anywhere in the world and stay connected with your loved ones, associates, clients, business partners, giving you all the comfort you need. Now, you can use your mobile phones to make calls using our service, while cutting down costs to 90%.

If your smart phone has VOIP support, then you can avail our internet phone service directly from your handy number. Nevertheless, a WAP or GPRS service in your phone is mandatory to use our service.

So, how can one avail this extraordinary and expedient facility on a mobile phone? It’s too simple. Just download an application in your smart phone, before you can start using Axvoice internet phone to make calls to your dear ones.

You require no calling cards or pin codes, no data plans and even no connection fees to benefit from this convenience and can enjoy high quality digital calls anywhere you wish to, with conditions applied i.e., your mobile phone should support functions of a VoIP service.

With your Axvoice internet phone service in your mobile, you can make unlimited number of local or international calls and feel amazed with the low rate it offers.
We, at Axvoice, are dedicated to provide you with a VoIP service that ensures giving you with a feeling of great satisfaction in terms of both cost and quality.



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