Accessing Telecommunication Services at a Low Rates

Not everyone can afford to pay telephone bills especially those that have a home phone service. Therefore, there are different solutions that the state has taken on to resolve this problem, which are discussed below.

With the rise of various telecommunication companies, the latest types of gadgets that people use to communicate are mobile phones. It is because of this that landlines are phasing out because in this fast moving life style people want things on the go. This is because unlike ordinary landlines where one would communicate only at work or home, one can   use a mobile wherever he goes which is good for a home phone service. The use of phone services depending on the features one wants on his telephone is very costly. Due to competition, various telecommunication companies have set up ways of helping people access communication services by installing telephone devices at a discount especially for those that do not have the means.

The United States has very many telecommunication programs that can help those that do not have the resources to pay for these services such as Link-up America.  Link–up America is a program that involves of certain sum of money in order for one to access telecommunication services. It is also a program that allows one to pay for these services on an interest free basis. Another telecommunication program one can opt for is the lifeline assistance programs. This program helps one to pay his or her phone service   bills at a discount. This is done so as to make the availability of phone services affordable to all of those that want it.

These programs can be categorized further into two. That is those that are state funded and those of the federal kind. The state funded programs are funded by the state itself which follows the federal principles that are discussed below .In order for one to access telecommunication services in the federal category he or she must be receiving an income not more than 135%. Furthermore, he or she must take part in any of the following: getting food stamps and housing allowance under the federal system. He or she must be part of the Nations School Fee Lunch Program and must be part of the group called temporary Assistance to Needy Families. One must also be getting supplementary security income and be part of the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program. One must show certified documents showing whether he or she qualifies for any of these programs. Thus, those that want a home phone service but cannot afford it can apply to get these services.

In order for these telecommunication gadgets to be put up, one must pay a deposit to the telecommunication company in order to access the services. Therefore, not only have companies extended telecommunication services to people but also the state itself is involved. Thus in case one cannot afford a home phone service, and then he can apply for these services




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