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Brilliantly-designed VoIP plans with endless calling features, superior voice quality, and a great price!

Residential VoIP

Unlimited Plan


Residential Calling Plan



Per month
  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling
  • Keep Your Existing Number
  • E911 Support
  • Free Hardware & Activation
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 30+ Calling Features

Business VoIP

Small Business Plan

Best VoIP

plan for businesses



Per month
  • 200 Outgoing Minutes Across The US & Canada
  • 30+ VoIP calling features
  • Add Multiple Phone Lines
  • Conference Calling
  • Free Hardware & Activation
  • Money-Back Guarantee

AXvoice is your Budget VoIP Phone Service with 30+ Features

AXvoice VoIP service is designed for all those who love calling for hours without the fear of long phone bills. Our unlimited VoIP calling plans and VoIP services are best in class so you can enjoy unlimited calling and that too at an amazing price.

Caller ID With Name

Get name and number ID for incoming calls

Enhanced Voicemail

Manage your voicemail via email or the web

Call Forwarding

Redirect calls to pre-specified numbers

Simultaneous Ring

Incoming calls ring on three different numbers


Redirect VoIP calls during an ISP outage

Do Not Disturb

Reject calls when you don’t want to get them

Online Account Management

Manage your VoIP account via AXvoice Dashboard

View Logs

Get logs for incoming, outgoing and missed calls

Why Choose Our Super-Cheap, High-Quality Internet VoIP Service?

Pardon our aforementioned flamboyancy, but we are the best VoIP service providers for a reason (or reasons, you could say). With our every Business and Residential VoIP plan, we deliver only high-quality voice calling without draining your data plans (limited ones) or giving your internet bandwidth a deathblow.

  • Most affordable Voice over IP (VoIP) service providers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Free unlimited in-network calling with every AXvoice Residential or Business VoIP plan.
  • Free unlimited international and off-network calls with AXvoice USA/Canada Unlimited Plan.
  • Online account management for your VoIP phone from anywhere, anytime.
  • Enhanced Voicemail allows you to access your voicemails from your AXvoice web account or even via emails.
  • 30+ VoIP Calling features, all included for free.

So easy to set up, anyone can do it – for real!

Jump onto the bandwagon of the best VoIP service provider that’s smart, affordable, and easy to set up. AXvoice is the low-key VoIP brilliance that millions of households and businesses are already using for their hours-long local and international calls. To get started, you just need:

001 image

Your Internet Router

002 image

AXvoice Device

003 image

Your Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s true that with a VoIP phone service, you are still only making calls, but there’s a lot of difference between how you make calls on a VoIP phone and landline. For instance, with VoIP calling services, you can enjoy HD voice calling or access your voicemail from your email or web account from anywhere. However, the biggest difference comes in the form of price when you switch to AXvoice VoIP phone from a landline number.

Apart from price and voice quality, you can enjoy easy account management from anywhere without having to remember dozens of shortcodes. You can easily access your voicemail, set international call blocking or enjoy a whole plethora of incoming and outgoing VoIP calling features. For more information on VoIP calling features, click here.

No, you can keep your existing landline number when you switch to AXvoice VoIP phone service.

When you are switching from your landline number to VoIP, your primary reason should be the cost savings that a VoIP service would bring in. Only then you should look at other features. The VoIP phone service itself is superior to the traditional landline in many ways but there are a few other things that you can look out for in your VoIP phone service. For instance, online account management is one thing that allows you to view your call logs, set preferences for redirecting unanswered calls, set up an alternate caller ID on your VoIP line, and so on.

You will need an internet device, a working internet connection, a VoIP device, a phone, an Ethernet cable and an AXvoice VoIP subscription. However, if you already have an unlocked VoIP device set up, you’ll just need to switch to AXvoice from your existing VoIP provider.

More Reasons to Choose AXvoice

There are endless reasons to love AXvoice; we are just making sure that you know at least some of them.

Crystal-Clear Voice Quality

Connect Any Way You Want

Take Your Phone Anywhere

Keep Your Current Number

Don’t Settle for Less When You Can Have AXvoice

Make a switch; leave those accreted switchboards in the dust for good and get AXvoice VoIP today. Your refund rests with us if you aren’t satisfied!

Thousands of Trusted

15 Day Money-Back

24/7 Live

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