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VoIP – A Challenge for PSTN

In present world, the ease with which we can communicate with each other was not the situation few years back. It all happened after the advent of Internet. Prior to the introduction of Internet, telephone was the main source of communication and the monopoly of telephone had dominated the extent to which people interacted with […]

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VoIP – A Revolution in Telecommunications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is also known as Internet Phone and Broadband Phone. The reason it being called as Internet Phone and Broadband Phone is that it makes use of a fast internet connection (Broadband) to communicate voice among people on call. Unlike traditional phone service, it does not make use of copper wires […]

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Internet Phone – Steps for Successful Installation

Innovations in telecommunications have brought us VoIP service. Through Voice over Internet Protocol, the audio/video communication can be conveniently done through IP networks. It implies that you can call any phone through your VoIP-enabled phone and/or computer. Replacing your typical phone lines with Internet Phone service is certainly commendable. This does not only ease the […]

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VoIP Service and Toll Free Numbers Dialing Facility

VoIP phone services are rapidly taking over our communication needs both residential and business. Why? Because, calling costs for VoIP are so less that even a foreign exchange student, living away from home can afford to pay for his very own VoIP service. PSTN phone bills can be killing, talk about hidden charges, taxes, this […]

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