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VoIP Service Is an Ultimate Choice for Residential or Business Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is rapidly changing the way people make phone calls. People today have already begun to bid farewell to their ordinary PSTNs and brought VoIP into their homes and offices. Since, VoIP services being affordable and very convenient, it has rapidly replaced the previous analogue system with a digital service […]

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The Values of Business VoIP

We have been becoming a witness of this fact that shows a number of corporate houses and enterprises of every type are turning towards the use of business VoIP because they have understood the importance of this technology. But the style of measuring the worth of the VoIP phone is different for all. A Few […]

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Business voip >> Start your Own internet phone Business

Communication is what we dwell on and with internet at hand, our life has become even more dependent on it. For rapid communication across nation to nation, country to country in an efficient manner using a cheaper resource and internet at hand, thus, researchers and developers invented VoIP (Voice over IP) communication protocol for our […]

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and FAX

Most people know that FAX, mainly meant for analog service networks, cannot be sent perfectly over VoIP networks. It’s because, during FAX communication, the signal is used in a manner that is different from voice communication. Since the technology of a VoIP phone system involved, first the digitization and then compression of analog voice in […]

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